Pinat HaYeled Children’s Center

The Pinat HaYeled Children's Center provides child-focused counseling services to young children and their families with special clinical needs.

Pinat HaYeled is one of the few culturally-sensitive treatment programs in Israel tailored to the needs of religious children and their families.

The children who come to Pinat HaYeled struggle with emotional and behavioral disturbances, school problems, difficulty adjusting to changes in their life circumstances, and mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Pinat HaYeled therapists receive advanced training in a variety of modalities including play therapy, family therapy, therapeutic arts, therapy groups for children, parent education and multi-family group therapy.  Through a combination of these treatments, therapists at Pinat HaYeled reduce problematic symptoms and restore the joy and spontaneity of healthy growth.

Treatment programs at Pinat HaYeled are individualized, innovative, multi-faceted, and multi-disciplinary.