Center for Adolescents and Families

Adolescence is a time of life when profound growth and change are often accompanied by internal upheaval and family conflict. When religious teens engage in dangerous or self-destructive behaviors, or become alienated from the values of their families and community, this can result in adolescents feeling confused, distressed, and helpless, and can lead to serious consequences.

The Family Institute's Center for Adolescents and their Families provides low cost, high quality therapy to adolescents and their families. Adolescents referred to the Center have often experienced physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse, or have witnessed the abuse of a parent or siblings.  Many have suffered neglect, a significant loss, or a family trauma due to accidents or terrorism.  Others struggle with school failure, expulsion, or dropping out of school, due to academic difficulties or conflicts involving religious observance.

The Center for Adolescents and their Families provides comprehensive assessment services to identify sources of risk and support in the adolescent's situation, identify specific mental health concerns, and diagnose signs of abuse, anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress.

Therapy at The Center for Adolescents and their Families focuses on diminishing the incidence of at-risk behaviors and psychosocial symptoms, and strengthening the adolescents' coping skills, resiliency, and self confidence. Therapists work simultaneously with parents and, if appropriate, the family as a whole to create healthy patterns of communication to support the at-risk teen and his siblings.