Facilitated by: Rivkah Menkes, M.S.

Eight-week group starting Wednesday, October 17th

Welcoming you to join a confidential and supportive group designed to acknowledge your unique struggle. The focus will be on the challenging journey of a mother whose child has been sexually abused either within, or outside of, the family. Experience the warmth and acceptance of other mothers who have walked down a similar rocky path and gain tools to navigate your own individual journey.

8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at The Family Institute

To reserve your spot call Rivkah at 052-655-5922 or email at

75 NIS per session.

Rivkah Menkes, M.S. is a certified family, child and group therapist as well as the Administrative Director of The Family Institute with many years of clinical experience. She maintains a private practice in Jerusalem as well as works at the Childhood Sexual Abuse Unit at The Family Institute.