Register for the Alumni Association

The Alumni Association was formed in 2019 as a means for alumni of The Family Institute to stay connected both with one another and with The Family Institute.

By paying an annual membership fee, alumni association members benefit from various programs and unique social and professional opportunities previously unavailable to them.

The alumni association committee organizes ongoing events including presentations by esteemed guest lecturers. The goal of these events is to unite alumni so that they can socialize, network, and compare professional experiences.

Online forum
An incredible online forum which uses innovative technology was created to aid alumni in communicating ideas, electing representatives, providing feedback about programs, and sharing educational material and videos.  Dr. Alan Flashman, director of The Family Institute, is a participant on this forum, and is available to answer alumni members’ psychiatric questions.

Other alumni membership benefits include:

Lectures at discounted prices, special access via personalized code to academic databases such as EBSCO, automatic inclusion in the alumni association’s specialized referral list, organized peer supervision, and discounted group supervision with Family Institute supervisors.
Our mission is twofold –  to help you advance your career while providing social and emotional support in the process.
We look forward to you joining our team!
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