Family Therapy Training Program

The Family Therapy Training Program is The Family Institute’s most intensive program for professional development.

The heart of the two year program is helping to establish mutual relationships in families. We believe that the ultimate, if unacknowledged, goal of all family therapies is an increase in the level of mutuality between family members. As family health improves family members are more able interact in a reciprocally, co-creational manner. Family dysfunction expresses a deep fear that such relationships could be dangerous to family survival. Family therapies strive to promote such relationships and alter these fears.

The Family Institute provides clinical experience with individual, group and live supervision as well as an educational component that meets the requirements of The Israel Association for Couples and Family Therapy.

The Family Institute is recognized by the Israeli Association for Couples and Family Therapy as a category A institution. Click here for more information

Time Commitment Per Week:

Education = 6 hours

Individual Supervision = 1 hour

Group Supervision = 2 hours

Client Contact = 4 - 6 hours

Trainees must have the following in order to be considered for admission to The Family Institute:

Bachelor's degree from an accredited university

Master's degree from an accredited university in the helping profession

Ability to offer psychological services in Hebrew

Adherence to cultural and religious sensitivities

Completion of application process