Moving Together

We are entering a new phase, a challenging but hopefully a rewarding one. We will be paying careful attention to small behaviors that are usually taken for granted.

  • Clients will wait outside the clinic
  • We will ourselves go out to greet them.
  • We will ensure that they are wearing or are provided a mask
  • We will accompany clients to the therapy room.
  • We will remove masks only if both client and therapist feel secure
  • We will settle payments in the therapy room
  • We will accompany clients out of the clinic
  • We will register the session quickly on the computer
  • We will sanitize our hands after touching the computer
  • We will enter and leave the libraries alone and quickly after taking or depositing charts.
  • We will take care for distancing in public spaces.
  • We will refrain from any use of the kitchen whatsoever.

No big deal? Not if we are minded to this new set of movements as something that belongs to us all. Not if we leave our personal opinions about Corona outside the clinic and opt for solidarity in behaviors we take upon ourselves willingly.

And that is quite the big deal indeed.

After all, the “ends” is not about any of this. The “ends” is about how we renew face to face contact in the therapy room. Each of us will be engaged in a new or renewed “co-creation” of the therapeutic relationship. We will be exploring with our clients what this last period has been like, in their homes and in their relationship with us. This is what  opening the clinic is all about. This is what occupies our minds and hearts. It is all about our clients and our work.

The “clinic” is usually just the “means,” the setting, something we can usually afford to take for granted.

But not now.

For as long as “regulations” remain effective, no matter what each of us may think about the regulations and those responsible for them, each and every small act of compliance is about the “we” that really comprises the “clinic.”  Our attention to all the “details,” our security in knowing that we all take upon ourselves the same attention to the same details, this is a new “we” that is anything but taken for granted. By paying attention to “our” regulations we co-create this new “we” of “our” clinic, and I hope this will be a rewarding if demanding activity. Our clinic has done so well in co-creating remote activity, let us continue now to succeed no less in renewing personal contact. When the “regulations” are gone, a renewed “we” can continue if we co-create it now.