Rivka Harel

רבקה הראל, M.S.W

Rivkah Harel, MSW, graduated with honors from the Master's program, majoring in Practice at the Hebrew University.Couple and family therapist - certified by the Israeli Association for Couple and Family Therapy. (Studies at the Shiluv Institute - Jerusalem)Graduate of the Child-Youth Psychotherapy program at Bar-Ilan University. (Certificate studies).Supervisor of graduate students on behalf of the School of Social Work - Hebrew University.Rivkah's professional experience includes over 30 years of direct treatment of adolescents and young adults, supervision of therapists and staff, family therapies and parenting guidance, at the Youth and Young Adult Advancement Division and Family Response.At the same time, she supervised social work students at the Hebrew University.Today:She teaches at the Medical School - Hebrew University.She treats and supervises at a private clinic in Jerusalem.She supervises at the Family Institute - Neve Yerushalayim.

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