Mission Statement

First, The Institute offers high quality, professional, content-driven training for people in the mental health field. Of particular note in this objective is the psychotherapeutic emphasis on family systems and dynamics. Just as individuals can develop unhealthy patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior, families can suffer from unhealthy patterns of interactions. Knowledge and skill in identifying and intervening when these unhealthy family patterns exist is an integral part of being a competent mental health professional. Additionally, beyond offering families the help that they need, this system focus is an integral part of individual work as well. Personal psychopathologies influence, and are influenced by, family dynamics. Hence, individual work with clients is also enhanced by having a family and systems orientation. The training offered by The Family Institute appreciates that to truly offer meaningful interventions for individuals and families a systems orientation must be applied.
Our second interrelated mission is the offering of treatment for under-served religious populations in Israel. As our community's psychological needs grow we offer an educated cadre of professionals who have the knowledge and skill to provide culturally-sensitive, meaningful, and effective interventions.
The combination of these two missions is what makes The Family Institute a unique platform for serving the current and future psychological needs of our community.