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The Family Institute has been training family therapists since 1999 while offering quality and affordable clinical services to individuals, families and couples in Har Nof, Jerusalem.

Educating Torah Observant Therapists

Post masters, advanced training in psychotherapy, couples and family therapy is given within a Dati/Chareidi framework and under rabbinical guidance. Our programs are in English or Hebrew

Theoretical Education

Our teachers are helpful but firm. They know how to teach information while being kind.

Individual and group supervision

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Full Clinical Accomodations

a. Live and recorded observations b. Offices c. Tipulog d. Library


Education According to Your Needs.

We are here to educate therapists who have completed their master’s degree in a mental health related field. We have programs in English or Hebrew, advanced specialization units for those who have finished the core program, and a track for therapists visiting from abroad. Training is given within a Dati/Chareidi framework and under rabbinical supervision.

Advanced training for post-master’s therapists (write more)

Advanced training for post-master’s therapists (write more)

Family Therapy Training Program for visiting therapists from abroad.

Advanced specialization for the alumni of the Family Therapy Training Program. Options for extended specialization include working with children, families, trauma or sexual abuse.

The Family Institute is recognized by the Israeli Association for Couples and Family Therapy as a category A institution.

Mastering the Art of Therapy

our supervisors & Teachers

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Members of our intake staff are specially trained to receive calls and emails and take information in a professional and sensitive manner.

Our Location

1 Beit Yitzhak Street, Har Nof, Jerusalem. On the Neve Yerushalayim Campus.

Call or Whatsapp

Phone: +972-2-654-4600
WhatsApp: +972-55-928-6050


Office Hours

Main office: 8:30 am – 2 pm
Intake office: ??
Sunday – Thursday

Local Buses

52, 55, 74 and 33

We look forward to hearing from you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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