The Family Institute's Guidelines for Reopening

We will update these guidelines as often as necessary to reflect the current situation.

At-a-Glance as of June 28, 2020

Guidelines for reopening the clinic


  • By appointment only
  • Therapist escorts client into and out of clinic
  • Take payments in therapy office

Therapy Rooms

  • May remove masks if all feel secure
  • Water and cups in rooms
  • Maintain 2 meter distance if taking off masks

Waiting room

  • Closed
  • Clients wait outside (ideally come at exact appointed session time)
  • Masks required in order to enter clinic

Receipts Computer

  • Take payments in office and input information after escorting client out
  • One person at a time
  • Alcogel your hands after using computer


  • Closed

Public Spaces

  • Masks required at all times
  • Maintain appropriate social distance


  • One person at a time - No loitering
  • Take and leave files only
We are pleased to be able to reopen. We look forward to seeing you (masked and from a distance). 
Due to the current situation, we will be postponing our reopening for now. We will re-evaluate and keep you updated as things progress. Right now we are tentatively looking at reopening on June 14th.
We look forward to working through these uncertainties together. Please let us know how we can help you and your clients. 

We will open the clinic to face to face sessions starting Sunday, June 7. We wish to create an atmosphere in which all clients and therapists feel no risk of exposure when they come for sessions. This is partly subjective and to be respected.

All remote sessions may continue as agreed upon between therapist and client and supervisor and supervisee.

We do not plan as yet to open for any group sessions. Only individuals and couples, and Pinat HaYeled. No group supervisions yet. Classes will continue in the remote format.

Here are what we anticipate to be our regulations for scheduling sessions:

  • Clients and therapists are to be present only at appointed times. 
    • We are asking clients and therapists to vacate after sessions
    • We will not use the waiting room. There will be some chairs outside the clinic.
    • Best for clients to come only at appointed times
    • Each therapist will bring her/his client into the clinic building directly to the therapy room
  • Masks will be worn by clients and therapists at all times except in the therapy session.
  • Clients (or therapists) coming without a mask will be provided a disposable mask before entering the building.
  • Only by mutual agreement, clients and therapists can remove masks during the session. If either side feels a risk of exposure, both client and therapist agree to keep the masks on.
  • Clients and therapists will make an effort to maintain distance in the therapy rooms and in the public spaces.
  • The libraries will be open only to take or deposit clinical material. There should not be more than one therapist in either library at any time.
  • There are lots of bottles of alco-gel which therapists may choose to use to sterilize rooms between sessions at their discretion, or if a client requests such. Clinic policy does not require this.
  • Therapists and clients should refrain from coming if they suffer from fever or upper respiratory symptoms. We will not be measuring body temperature at the entrance to the clinic.

These policies are subject to change depending upon the overall health situation and whatever the Health Ministry is requiring from time to time. We will make our own policy changes in a timely and thoughtful fashion which may not reflect every sudden blip in the details of the Ministry’s determinations. 


Please let us know right away if the experiences in the clinic in any way create a sense of insecurity.