Out of Hiding: The Profound Impact of Sexual Abuse, Part I

February 23, 2017

Childhood sexual abuse is a gross and significant violation of the human spirit. Crossing the sacred space of one’s own personal boundary, profoundly interrupts a child’s development and erodes their sense of trust, closeness, touch, and connection. Coming from the perspective of a child, there is an inability to comprehend the confusing disturbance that arrives from an insidious imbalance of power. Silence and shame breeds denial, which overtakes reason and the capacity to speak the truth goes underground. When victims of sexual abuse reach adulthood, they struggle with intimate relationships, feelings of self-worth, safety and not believing they are deserving of love and happiness. Many, who have repressed their memories, are not certain where their feelings of lowliness come from. Therapy may be the first time they are able to peel away the protective layers of denial and face their personal, abusive narrative.

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