Transitions: The years of Menopause

December 1, 2016

As a woman approaches the end of her childbearing years, she is often confronted with fear, the urge to be “something” else and the need to create new purpose in life. This is a major transitional time in a woman’s life.
Many women spend most of their adult years focusing on children and home life. When children begin to reach older adolescence and young adulthood, move out and marry, women are forced to redefine their identity and purpose. It is a time in a women’s life when the challenges of biological, emotional, social, and psychological vulnerabilities interface in dramatic ways. Ending childbearing, beginning menopause, watching children grow into adults and leaving home are just some of the transitions that women face at this stage. In addition, as a woman begins to evaluate her life’s accomplishments and disappointments as well as her marriage, she often experiences a phenomenon of “grey divorce”. Marriages that have been stressed over the years, and are no longer buffeted by children begin to fall apart. As the physiology of aging begins to take hold and define her body, and medication begins to be routine in her life clinical issues arise in a way they had not in past years. It is a time of dramatic transition.

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