What are the different training programs offered at The Family Institute?

The Family Institute offers several levels of training. Its most comprehensive program is the Internship Program leading to the Institute’s certificate of competence in Family Therapy. The Internship is a two-year training program requiring a of minimum 60 hours of individual supervision, 120 hours of group supervision, supervised live one way mirror experiences, and 350 hours of therapy with clients. A less intense Externship Program is also possible where one carries a lower caseload, but also receives weekly individual supervision, with an option of group supervision as well. Therapists in all programs receive weekly seminars on current issues in clinical practice.

In addition, there are opportunities for joining one of several special units. These include: Pinat HaYeled, Children’s Unit, Adolescent Unit, Sexual Abuse Unit, Trauma Unit, Couple’s Unit and Group Unit. These units receive 3-4 hours of group supervision a week and are generally open to more experienced practitioners.