What are the different training programs offered at The Family Institute?

The Family Institute offers a formal Family Therapy Training Program, a two-year training program requiring a of minimum 70 hours of individual supervision, 120 hours of group supervision, supervised live one way mirror experiences, and 300 hours of therapy with clients. The program includes 6 hours weekly of formal instruction. The Institute received formal recognition of the Israel Association of Couples and Family Therapy as a Class A training program. This means that all training in the program is accredited towards achieving recognition of the Association as an accredited family therapist. The Institute is committed to providing continued opportunities for treatment and supervision for trainees wishing to fulfill the full number of hours required by the Association.

In addition, there are opportunities for joining one of several advanced specialty training units. These include: Children’s Unit, Adolescent Unit, Sexual Abuse Unit and Trauma Unit. These units receive 3-4 hours of group supervision a week and are open to more experienced practitioners.