Chana Levitan, M.S.

Chana Levitan, M.S., is a couple’s therapist, educator, speaker and author with over thirty years of teaching and counseling experience. Although Chana’s essential training is in Family Systems Theory, she is also certified as an Imago therapist. In addition, Chana’s training as a trauma therapist (certified in EMDR and IFS) allows her to weave trauma therapy into the work that she does with couples—a therapeutic intervention that she finds extremely productive.
Chana has lectured extensively across the globe on the topics of dating and marriage, and has counseled thousands of men and women. Her best-selling book, “I Only Want to Get Married Once” (Grand Central Publishing) is a clear and practical guide to choosing the right marriage partner. Translated into a number of foreign languages, including Chinese, it is making a positive impact out there in the world.

Her second book, “THAT’S Why I Married You” (Gefen Publishing)—is a practical guide for couples to not only learn to live with their personality differences but to actually love with their differences.
Chana’s latest project, Marriage Mastery 2023, is a program designed for newly married couples (married under two years) to divorce proof their marriages from the get go. This is the first project offered by the Jewish Marriage Alliance, a non-profit organization that is staffed by Chana, Dr. Yisrael Levitz, Dr. Susan Heitler and Chaya Sarah Rabi.
Chana lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children and is presently working on her third book, which explores the secrets to longevity and lasting joy in a marriage.
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