The Family Institute has, as its mission, a two-fold objective.

First, the Institute offers high quality, professional, advanced training for Charedi and Dati men and women who have completed a Master’s Degree in the mental health field. Since 2018 we have initiated a two year formal training in couples and family therapy, the first of its kind in a Charedi setting. We seek to create new forms and applications of these therapies that are culturally compatible with Charedi life.

Course work includes advanced courses in systems theory, family therapy techniques and approaches, couples therapy, differential treatments for high and low differentiation families, therapeutic communication with children and adolescents, understanding the Charedi family life cycle, treatment of sexual disturbances and more. Bowen theory and mutuality are basic to the approach of the course. Intensive individual and group supervision as well as live observation are provided by our staff of experienced supervisors, and class work and supervision are integrated regularly.

The Family Institute is recognized by the Israeli Association for Couples and Family Therapy as a category A institution. Click here for more information
Our second interrelated mission is the offering of treatment for under-served religious populations in Israel at the Institute’s active clinic. We offer an educated cadre of professionals who have the knowledge and skill to provide culturally-sensitive, meaningful, and effective interventions at very low cost.

The combination of these two missions is what makes The Family Institute a unique platform for serving the current and future psychological needs of our community.

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