Leah Malamet

Leah Malamet, M.A., M.Ed, C.Psych.

Leah Malamet, M.A., M.Ed, C.Psych. is a registered Clinical Psychologist. She holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Toronto and is currently completing her doctoral dissertation on attachment theory and the psychology of religion. Ms. Malamet has provided psychological assessment, treatment, and supervision services for 40 years in psychiatric institutions, general hospitals, schools, and private practice in Israel, Canada, USA, Australia, & England, to highly diverse as well as underserved populations. In her work with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families, Ms. Malamet's theoretical and clinical approach integrates relational psychodynamic, somatic (various), parts work, cognitive-behavioural, art, sand tray, and play (structured & unstructured) therapies. Ms. Malamet has taught at Bar Ilan University as well as has given professional seminars in Israel, Canada, USA, & England, on the systematic integration of different theoretical and clinical approaches to psychotherapeutic assessment and treatment, trauma treatment, emotional regulation, and the interface between psychology & religion.

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