Moshe Menachem Kanovsky, ע’ה

The Machon Moshe Menachem was founded by Faige Perlow Kanovsky in memory of her beloved son, Moshe Menachem Kanovsky ע'ה.

Moshe Menachem Kanovsky, my very special, sweet, smiling, kind and funny Moshe is undoubtedly pleased, in Shomayim, that this Machon bears his name. Whether or not he would himself have benefited from the extraordinary work that this institution does is so much less relevant than the very fact that Moshe lived his life, his too short but highly meaningful life, with unmatched sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others. To the fullest extent and beyond, Moshe grappled with his challenges, but his accomplishments bore no blemish to indicate that they were the result of a struggle. Rather, his accomplishments were those of a master, as though he had achieved them with no obstacle at all.Moshe’s most persistent concentration was in learning Torah. In this regard, he was a virtuoso, and recognized as such. His devotion to family extended past his immediate family to Roshei Yeshiva, Rebbes and Rabbonim of his extended family, even those most remotely related. He therefore exploited every opportunity to test his own learning with experts, people of great import, and I know that they could all testify that Moshe had the capacity for greatness. That capacity grew not solely from a natural knack or innate intelligence. It was the result of hard work, overcoming difficulties, and remaining devoted to the one goal that he deemed truly legitimate, that of knowing Hashem’s Torah with the full measure of his abilities.When Moishe was 10, we moved to Silver Spring, Maryland. By the first Shabbos there, Moshe had surveyed the crowd, had selected chavrusas, and had become a prominent figure in the shul. Several of the relationships forged at that time persisted for the rest of his life. After learning in Ner Yisrael and with Rabbi Kushelevsky in Yerushalayim, Moshe decided on law as a profession. Moshe was a graduate of Yeshiva University Cardozo School of law.It was therefore a surprise to many to learn, sadly too late, that Moshe faced such daunting internal battles. Somehow, the results seemed so impressive that no one could have contemplated just how much extra effort was required to achieve them. It is hard to know the degree to which Moshe could have benefited from an organization such as The Family Institute, but I harbor no doubt that offering the services of a Machon Moshe Menachem would have been an endeavor that he would happily have undertaken and been gratified to see the fruits of its labors.May Machon Moshe Menachem be a beacon of light to all Yidden struggling with internal challenges and may it be an eternal memorial to the precious Neshama after whom it is named.

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