certainty in uncertain times

everything you need to know about creating a virtual therapy space

Why do we need this option at all?

Therapy requires continuity. Corona puts all continuity into question. A clinic can be opened and closed, a therapist or a client can be quarantined. Only the possibility of remote therapy insures continuity despite viral vagaries. So how can you make the best of remote therapy? How can you try to make it an option for the unforeseen events that interrupt life?

Some tips to set yourself up for a successful session


Find a private and safe place for therapy in your own home.

If you have kids, consider how you could barter child care with neighbors or relatives to gain private time free of distractions.

If you have a spouse, apartment mate or other people that you share living space with, think about ways to ensure your privacy. Maybe you can put some white noise on near your door to mask your conversation. (There are many free apps available online. A free standing fan can work just as well). You may want to ask the others in the house to refrain from entering your room, or simply lock the door.


Find a private and safe place for therapy elsewhere

Seek out a private place if your home lacks one. Can you use someone’s office or home for an hour a week to get privacy? Is there some institution that could lend you a quiet hour?


Create a therapeutic atmosphere

Wherever you choose to carve out a safe space for yourself, be creative in finding ways to make it as contained and soothing as possible. Maybe bring a scented candle, a smooth rock or even a comfortable pillow to lean against.

No matter where you set up your space, make sure that you are prioritizing yourself and your therapy and doing it in an environment that feels safe for you.


Be consistent with the time of the session

If possible, try to be as consistent with the time of your session as possible. This creates a continuity that allows you to fully engage in the process.

Consider the possibility of two half-hour sessions during the week if carving out an hour at a time does not work.


Be patient and flexible

Tele-therapy can be awkward at first and that is okay. Allow yourself to experiment with your therapist and find what does and does not work for you. Brainstorm with your therapist about ways to maximize the experience for yourself. It's okay to think outside of the box here.

Choosing the right format

Zoom? The Phone? A Mix Of Both? ​​

• Be curious about what works best for you and your therapist.

• If you will be using the phone, how can you best make use of a phone call even if you prefer to be seen in person? What kind of space allows you to focus on the voice on the other end? Would headphones help?

• If you can use Zoom, how can you ensure adequate reception during the session? Can you use a phone’s hotspot for temporary, secure reception? (Don't forget to keep the phone charging while you use a hotspot.)

• If you are using a phone or tablet to video, try to set it up on a stable surface to avoid the feeling of sea sickness for you and your therapist.

• Be sure to close any other messaging or video programs that might be open on your computer. Getting a WhatsApp or email notification in the middle of a session can be distracting and you want to be able to give your full attention.

embrace the unique differences
Find and celebrate the ways that virtual Sessions differ from in-person sessions

No traffic

Enjoy not getting stuck in traffic, not needing to postpone a session due to weather or road work.

Share your screen

Use the share screen option to type, draw or share documents or websites that are meaningful to you.

Bring comfort items

You can bring a beloved pet, a favorite mug or even a comfortable cover to a virtual session.

Specifically for seminaries and yeshivas

creating a virtual therapy space for your students

In these trying times, many students may benefit from therapeutic assistance. They will be best served if the remote option is possible since no one can ensure continuity in the face of uncertain quarantines.

Setting your students up for therapeutic success

Therapy works best when it is consistent and safe. Our clinic is open and we are able to see clients in person. However, given the current corona climate, it is prudent to be prepared. You can help your students get the most out of the process by creating a confidential structure if they need to take advantage of virtual sessions.

Some ideas to get you started


Confidential space

Can you designate some places and hours that they can use for private conversations?



Can you arrange for a reliable internet connection?



Can you appoint a designated staff member to help with tech problems?

We encourage you to talk to your students about the difficulties and try to problem-solve together so they can give remote therapy a try. We are here for you and your students and would like to help you help them.

be in touch with us so we can work together to help your students.

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